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Laptop Cart

The portable benefit of the laptop has made it a popular computer option since the first models hit the market two decades ago. But now, laptops are not just popular for the crowd on the move. They have begun to replace the desktop as the primary computer for the home. In fact, many homes now boast more than one laptop with dad, mom and junior often each doing their own work on their own machine.

It’s easy to grab that laptop and move from the bedroom to the living room but there is still the problem of where to rest the computer. There are some are skilled at typing, gaming and working while resting the laptop on its namesake, the lap. But for most, you want somewhere to put it while you use it. And why shouldn’t the place you rest your laptop be just as portable? Thus, the rise of the laptop cart — a rolling, compact piece of furniture featuring a small base and desk-like attachment where you can place your laptop and, if necessary, notes, a phone or even a beverage.

Laptop Cart
Laptop Cart

Simple and stylish
For less than $40, you can find sleek, contemporary carts perfect for playing home to the best new laptops. With models constructed of steel and other sturdy metals, these small carts will provide a great place to work without taking away from the design of your room. No longer do you need a bulky desk taking up space. Now, a stylish cart can simply be rolled into place when needed to turn that couch into a work area.

In addition to steel and metal versions, there is also a wide selection of wood laptop cart from mahogany to cherry and every color in between. You can find one to perfectly complement or even match your dining room set or living room furniture. These carts are sturdily constructed to maintain their life for as long as you have your laptop and beyond. And like their steel counterparts, they are small and portable to be easily slid into a closet or out of the way when they are not needed.

Functional and Practical
Unlike a laptop desk that rests on your lap, these carts feature a stout surface to hold your computer securely. In addition, the desk portion of the cart is fully adjustable. Many of the newest models of carts give the user as many as five different heights to choose from. So whether you are sitting up straight to do your work or leaned back on the couch watching a movie on your notebook laptop, the right setting is there for you. There is also an option to adjust the tilt of the surface. You can set it perfectly flat or have it leaning slightly toward or away from you. All of the height and tilt settings can be completely locked in thanks to the cart’s internal mechanism, which ensures that the apparatus won’t shift unexpectedly.

The cart has itself also adapted to include attachments for those people who want more than just a slim surface. A variety of new models accompany the laptop surface with an attached side stand perfect for a mousepad and mouse. Not everyone is a fan of the touchpad and, with these handy carts, they don’t need to worry about having space for their mouse. This cart is still portable as the mouse stand can be easily slid and stored underneath the main laptop surface.

For those who still want a little more storage yet don’t want the hassle of a space-consuming desk, there are now carts for laptops with shelves built in underneath the desk portion of the cart. Turn your cart into a portable business center by selecting a model complete with a lower shelf and paper tray. You can even find carts that come with pencil and pen holders and places for storing file folders. Whatever your old desk could do, so can one of these carts … and in a much smaller space too.

For Business or the Tech Household
First designed for the education and business community, there are a range of computer carts that serve less as workspace and more as storage space. While many still include a place to use the computer on top, their primary purpose is to securely hold, and oftentimes charge, a number of laptops at once while maintaining portability. School and business models can safely hold as many as 24 laptops at once with features that include a single, exterior power source that can be utilized to charge all the laptops inside at once. Oftentimes, teachers or business leaders will roll the cart into place and run a presentation or laptop from its surface. Sturdy, high-quality wheels also mean the cart can be easily moved from place to place by anyone in the school or office. The wheels can also easily be locked into place so the cart becomes stationary.

With the increase of multi-laptop families, the business-style laptop cart has also adapted for the home with models available that hold a maximum of five computers and still come complete with desk space for work and shelf space for accessories such as mice, power cords and external drives.

Portable Home for Your Laptop
Just as laptops continue to replace desktops across the computer landscape, the carts are slowly taking over for the desk as the place to do work or have fun on your computer. They are small, portable and even stylish and give the user a quick office space when it’s time to use the computer. And with more elaborate models boasting stands for mice and shelves for storage, there is a model out there to fit your needs. Whether you want a spot to do work or play on your laptop with touchscreen or need a large cart to house everyone’s laptop, you don’t need to look far to find the cart for you. And with prices starting at under $40 for smaller models, you don’t have to spend a lot to finally have a spot to work on your laptop.

Laptop Cart
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Laptop Cart
The portable benefit of the laptop has made it a popular computer option since the first models hit the market two decades ago. But now, laptops are not just popular for the crowd on the move. They have begun to replace the desktop as the primary computer for the home.