Laptops Under 300

Laptops Under 300

Laptops Under 300

Laptops aren’t exclusive anymore. Gone are the days of spending at least $1,000 to get a good, portable computer. Now, you can find a variety of inexpensive options on the market including laptops with the latest operating systems and programs as well as slimmed down machines that give you the basics you want. When you want a compact computer by your side, it’s now easy to find laptops under 300 to fit your needs.

Laptops Under 300
Laptops Under 300

With hard drives featuring up to 500GB of storage and boasting some of the latest, fastest processors, some of the least expensive computers in price are not cheap when it comes to quality. Whether the student in the family needs a computer for college or you want something portable for your business without breaking the bank, there is an option out there for you. And it comes with the compact size and portability that have made laptops so popular the world over. You can take them anywhere and still get the job done.

Mini in Size but Not Power
If you don’t need offline access to documents and programs, a netbook may be the laptop for you. These machines, of which the Chromebook is a modern, popular option, give you limited hard drive space and perform the majority of their actions in the wireless cloud from saving documents to utilizing Internet-based apps for everything from word processing to photo editing. The laptop is usually lightweight with smaller screen sizes than average laptops. But with the small size comes a small price. Chromebooks are among the cheapest laptops on the market, starting at under $200 for a basic model that includes 100 GB of storage on Google’s cloud-based Drive system.

Bear in mind, Chromebooks run on the Google operating system that is less akin to a Windows system and more like the Android OS that runs on mobile phones. You will not be able to download programs to the laptop but, like a cellphone, there are many apps available to perform functions similar to traditional laptop programs. For example, if you’re used to the photo editing power of something like Photoshop, Internet-based apps such as Pixlr are available that give you the feel and many of the same features as the Adobe product. The Chromebook also comes with Google’s office-like suite of apps including Docs, Sheets and Slides that allow you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations and save them in Microsoft office format.

If you don’t have permanent access to the Internet, there are also scaled-down minibooks made by manufacturers such as HP and Acer that give you the ability to run Windows OS and store limited programs on the laptop hard drive. Again, these will be constructed of lighter weight material that is not as sturdy as traditional laptops and will feature smaller screens. But some of the best mini laptops can still give you offline access to the documents, spreadsheets and presentations you need. There are even models like the HP Pavilion TouchSmart, a laptop with a touch screen that gives you a 15″ screen and a 500 GB hard drive for just over $300. Compare that with well over $1,000 for the cheapest Macbook.

Netbooks and the like offer an inexpensive option for you or the student in your family to have their own laptop. Since schools and universities typically have on-campus wireless Internet, these are some of the best laptops for students. They will have access to all of their files while also having the ability to take notes, create documents and research on the Internet.

Strength of Laptop, Flexibility of Tablet
Some of the best new items on the market aren’t even traditional laptops. During the rise of the tablet and iPad, there were still those who wanted the feel of a more natural keyboard instead of typing directly on a screen. Along came the 2-in-1 laptop. This machine features a tablet that clicks onto a keyboard to give it the feel of a laptop. Once clicked in, you have full keyboard control and shortcuts while still simultaneously having the ability to use the touchscreen functions of the tablet.

The HP Split has received high ratings in touch screen laptops reviews. Models feature screens ranging from 11″ to 13″ and come loaded with Windows 8. While the name doesn’t sound traditional, the Windows tablet has also become a popular laptop. The tablet runs Windows 8 with its touch screen functionality but also features an optional click-in keyboard to turn the tablet into a laptop. Like the HP Split, the Windows tablet primarily runs apps but also has hard drive storage and capability to run programs like Microsoft Office.

It might not look like the typical laptop but the 2-in-1 model continues to gain popularity. And with the ability to purchase a tablet complete with a keyboard attachment, you can get a nontraditional laptop, all while giving your child, spouse or family the portable tablet experience. They can play games, watch movies and take photos. Then, with a simple click, they can get started writing that report or taking notes for class. Flexible and fun, the 2-in-1 laptop looks set to continue its rise in the marketplace.

Good Deal, Good Computer
There was a time in the not too distant past that you would need thousands of dollars to even consider a portable computer. But those days are over. Budget or price no longer have to be the deciding factors in your decision to get one for the student in your family or for yourself or your business. There are plentiful options for those seeking a good deal on a good computer.

These machines are powerful and functional and, just as important, offer quick setup. Instead of the old days of starting up a new computer and spending the next few hours installing programs, netbooks, minibooks and 2-in-1 laptops can be ready to go just after startup. A lower price doesn’t equate lower quality. Some of the best laptops to buy now come at a bargain.

Laptops Under 300
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Laptops Under 300
Laptops aren't exclusive anymore. Gone are the days of spending at least $1,000 to get a good, portable computer.